Fighting for the future of our businesses and visitors

Given that Puerto Banus is a place of public interest, a luxury tourist destination … more than just a business, it is the soul of tourism on the Costa del Sol and Marbella especially, in AcoBanús we work to improve and promote all businesses and the image of Puerto Banus and Marbella.

We work on the proper illumination of Puerto Banus, which enhances the image and the decoration of the Port, such as indirect lights towards palm trees, facades… etc.

We work to strengthen and improve the presence of security in terms of work and number of officials, for better control of the security, itinerant trade, activity of street prostitution, theft… etc.

We demand a commitment to enhance the image of the port and its commercial area throughout the year, especially in winter, for example, by an appropriate decoration during Christmas time.

Objectives achieved:

We would like to give thanks to Benabola  resort which, as seen in the picture, has prepared fitting and secure lighting, illuminating the street in second line of the Port.

We thank the various owners who are working to improve the image and the paintwork in different areas of the Port.

To sum up, apart from being a port for recreational craft, Puerto Banús should be a place of leisure, an upscale shopping center with the most prestigious luxury brands and international prestige, as well as local firms, a gastronomic center with a variety of the finest cuisine from different continents where you can have a drink in the different environments of the port, making this an unforgettable trip or visit for our tourists.

One person cannot do it, but between all of us, we are hundreds, thousands of people that can make it possible, we are already working for a better future for all and we would appreciate your efforts and suggestions.

Write to us at: administracion@acobanus.com